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Tassadaarx, Jan 23, 13 5:51 PM.
1/22/2013 TESO Opens closed beta applications. Please apply ASAP and remember to fill out everything.
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WELCOME the newly formed TESO clan AnC,
Another Noob Clan. Please visit the forums
for any additional questions you may have
and if you are interested in joining our
ranks as yet another noob clannie.

Another Noob Clan
A Little Bit About Our Clan-
AnC is a hardcore PvP/PvE raiding guild that will be affiliated with the Aldmeri Dominion, we will have a branch in all three factions but our main focus will be with the Dominion. We will be accepting ALL applicants for the leveling phase of TESO, however, we will remove people or ask people to leave as we progress into end-game and decide who is good enough to stay. Ventrilo will be required for those who intend to prove their worth and stay, however, we will be using it frequently for social purposes until that point. U.S. Players over the age of 18 are our preference but we will be willing to make exceptions for… exceptional players.
A Little Bit About Our Leaders-
Our leaders are very experienced MMO players, raid leaders, and guild officers. We have been in and out of most MMOs to hit the market and we were successful in every one. We intend to do no less in TESO, in fact we are quite partial to this game and we plan to be on the leading edge of end-game content.
This is just a temporary home, after Beta ends and we have a solid core group I will be setting up a domain name for our clan.

<----------- Policies and requirements
<----------- Are on the left side of the
<----------- Page, Please review them!
All40 Apply
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